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Spacestation Gaming


Live Event

Release Date

January 21, 2022


Project Brief

Spacestation Gaming wanted to host a Charity Minecraft Dungeon Gauntlet event. Content creators would play in teams of four to race through three separate dungeon experiences. Creators would encounter custom puzzles, enemies, parkours, and other obstacles before reaching the end of the dungeon.

Teams raced to complete each dungeon together in the fastest time possible. At the end of the event, the three teams with the fastest times received 3D Printed Skulls as trophies. Throughout the event, viewers were encouraged to donate to the Gamers Outreach Foundation.

Involved Creators

CaptainSparklez, AntVenom, PeteZahHutt, KaraCorvus, Punz, Foolish Gamers, HannahXXRose, Seapeekay, Sneegsnag, FruitBerries, AntFrost, Nihachu, Jojosolos, Krtzyy, Graecie, Awesamdude, Ori, Fulham, Wolfeei, FireBreathMan, 5Up, Velvet, VGumiho, GeeNelly, Sylvee, Andi

Design Philosophy

Our goal was to create three immersive dungeon experiences packed with content that pushed Minecraft's boundaries.

Dungeon Design

We created unique assets, models, and animations for each dungeon including custom enemies, bosses, traps, doors, chat frames, and sounds.

Stone Golem
Robot Vacuum
Giant Squid
Treasure Troll
Alien Grunt
Giant Crab

Dungeon Design


We designed Dungeons to incorporate encounters with enemies, puzzles, parkours, droppers, scavenger hunts, and a final boss fight.

Each Dungeon was designed to stand on its own through unique narratives and challenges. In the Pirate Dungeon, players explored a haunted Pirate Ship, found their way to shore, discovered treasure, only to return to the Ship to defeat the Pirate King. In the Cavern Dungeon, players were able to define their own path by picking the order of the challenges they faced. In the Space Dungeon, the environment evolved to create new obstacles as players progressed.

By The Numbers

Each dungeon was meticulously created by our talented team of builders, animators, artists, and engineers.


Enemies & Traps







The Cherry On Top

$7,500+ Raised in Charitable Contributions